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At The Law Offices of Peter M. Lively, you will find experienced, professional, and informed attorneys who can provide practical advice for solving difficult problems.

The strategies we use to assist our clients include:

  • Counseling to avoid bankruptcy
  • Avoiding bankruptcy through workouts
  • Bankruptcy without Asset Liquidation


Law Office of Peter M. Lively specializes in helping clients who are under financial pressure.  Because of our knowledge and more that twenty years of experience dealing with complex financial and legal matters, we can often recommend options which may avoid the need for bankruptcy and help preserve your assets.  When bankruptcy is the best option it does not result in the permanent reduction of your credit score and end of your financial life.  Instead, filing a bankruptcy may be the fastest path toward a higher credit score and a new financial beginning - a Fresh Start!

Based on your situation, we have numerous strategies which we can employ to help you, including:

Counseling to Avoid Bankruptcy

Filing for bankruptcy should be your last resort. We are highly experienced at developing payment and restructuring plans for employed individuals, self-employed persons and and business aimed at restoring your financial solvency and avoiding bankruptcy.

Avoiding Bankruptcy Through Workouts

Often, Law Office of Peter M. Lively can help its clients avoid bankruptcy through negotiated settlements with creditors, also called workouts.

In these situations, our attorneys will analyze the situation, develop a workolifedoesntut plan for settling debts, and negotiate on the client's behalf with the client's creditors. Over the years, we have worked on hundreds of such cases, and have learned how to maximize the outcomes for our clients.

We have convinced creditors to renegotiate leases, settle for less than the full amount of the debt, and extend payment periods.

In a workout, the business owner retains control over all or most of the business assets, and continues to operate the business. The workout agreement occurs out of court, saving the client legal costs, filing fees, and time in court.

If we determine that a debt workout arrangement would benefit a client, we then:

  • analyze the situation
  • devise the best strategy
  • arrange a retainer/fee agreement with the client
  • negotiate debt settlements with creditors
  • monitor settlement payment plans

Bankruptcy Without Asset Liquidation

California Asset Liquidation Avoidance

Filing for bankruptcy does not always mean loss of ownership or control of your assets.

Law Office of Peter M. Lively can sometimes develop strategies that enable a business owner to retain ownership and control of the firm, while the business finances are reorganized. The business owner can then end up with a financially healthy operation with significantly less or even no debt.

In a workout situation, we will:

  • analyze the situation
  • devise the best strategy
  • negotiate settlements with creditors, which reduce the amount of debt and payment periods
  • monitor payment plans

Bankruptcy law is complex and you need an attorney who knows California Law and Bankruptcy Law. Asset liquidation avoidance and restoration of financial stability is our goal. Put our years of experience to work for you.

In situations where the business finances are sufficiently weak to justify filing for bankruptcy but where a viable business operation still exists, we can also help. In this situation we devise a legal strategy where the company files for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, but then the owner of the business reacquires strategic assets.


Financial Reorganization for Businesses

Chapter 11 and Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyers

At Law Office of Peter M. Lively, we develop legal strategies, including lease negotiation, which enable our clients to avoid bankruptcy if possible. In some cases though, we will advise filing under Chapter 11 or Chapter 7.reorganization

Our attorneys have many years of experience in dealing with the complex and often demanding issues of financial solvency for businesses. We know corporate finance, we know the Courts, and we know the Law. We work hard to preserve as many of our client's assets as possible.

When we advise a client to file under Chapter 11, we will map out a plan to recover financial solvency, and for an orderly return to consistent profitability. Sometimes, it is possible to file under Chapter 11 without any, or with minimal asset liquidation. Throughout this process, our goal is to enable you to avoid business liquidation and retain control over your financial destiny.

If we recommend filing under Chapter 7, we will work hard to protect our client's interests. Our lawyers have many years of experience. Sometimes it is possible to file under Chapter 7, and then reacquire strategic assets to use in a new business entity.

Remember that bankruptcy is not the end of your financial life. In many ways it is a new beginning -- a fresh start.

Financial Reorganization for Individuals

Chapter 11 and Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyers

At The Law Offices of Peter M. Lively, our attorneys know that facing a possible Chapter 13 reorganization can cause anxiety and emotional distress. We stand ready to use our extensive knowledge and experience with complex financial matters to help you make a new start.

Often, an individual can benefit from filing for bankruptcy. Your burden can be eased, you can begin repayment plans, and you can begin to think about making a fresh beginning. When we recommend Chapter 13 reorganization, we will thoroughly explain the benefits and disadvantages of filing, discuss different payment plans, and what they mean for your financial future.

For some self-employed individuals, separating personal finances from business finances may be difficult. Our lawyers know personal and business finance and know how to help preprare financial documents for bankruptcy cases. They can help clarify difficult issues so that you can make the decisions that are best for you.

Whether we recommend filing under Chapter 13 or Chapter 7, remember that bankruptcy is not the end of your financial life. In many ways it is a new beginning -- a fresh start.

Real Estate Foreclosure / Distressed Real Estate

Real estate foreclosures and distressed real estate situations pose special problems that often require the services of a practitioner with expertise in the area. Peter M. Lively, the principal attorney of the firm, has been helping clients with foreclosure issues since 1992, and has extensive knowledge in foreclosure actions and other real estate matters.images

Law Office of Peter M. Lively negotiates with landlords and creditors for reduced lease and mortgage obligations. We will advise you on your legal and financial options regarding your property. We will handle all of the paperwork regarding lease agreements, and real property contracts. If it is a crisis, we may be able to provide emergency protection from foreclosure and eviction.

Law Office of Peter M. Lively can recommend several legal strategies depending upon the situation, including:

  • Forbearance agreements which provide for lower lease/mortgage obligations
  • Negotiation of payment plans, including longer lease/mortgage payment periods
  • Liquidating property under either Chapter 11 or Chapter 7

Bankruptcy is not the end of your financial life. In many ways it is a new beginning -- a fresh start.

Business Transactions / Litigation

Law Office of Peter M. Lively regularly advises clients in a variety of business transaction and litigation related matters including negotiating leases, contract review, and general business disputes. Peter M. Lively, the principal lawyer of the firm, earned his juris doctor and Master's in Business Administration at UCLA. His formal legal and business education backed by years of practical business experience provides the basis for his practice in commercial transactions and litigation.

Peter M. Lively has years of experience in evaluating the legal and commercial aspects of business enterprises, both large and small, and has practiced as an attorney in this field since 1992. If you have a legal problem or question regarding your business, contact Peter M. Lively today.

Our Los Angeles business attorneys can provide legal advice to business owners in matters such as:

  • contract disputes which require negotiation or litigation for resolution
  • evaluating business opportunities
  • negotiating leases and contracts
  • consultation regarding the sale of a business

Peter M. Lively has helped thousands of clients start fresh. Call us today at (310) 391-2400 or contact us online to set up an initial consultation.

Post-Confirmation Matters Under Chapter 13

Dealing with personal bankruptcy can be stressful. The additional burden of illness or loss of a job while under Chapter 13 bankruptcy furthers your emotional distress. Obtaining relief and modifications of your obligations under the law is complicated and requires a skilled and experienced lawyer.

Many law firms who handle personal bankruptcy matters consider their obligations completed when the judge approves the confirmation of the bankruptcy plan. They often decline to help with modification of plans. Law Office of Peter M. Lively can help you with all post-confirmation matters. We have substituted into over 400 chapter 13 cases after plan confirmation to help debtors modify their plans and finish their cases. 

Unlike other firms, clients of Law Office of Peter M. Lively have the support of a lawyer after plan confirmation. Depending on the circumstances of your situation, a client has access to the services of Peter M. Lively for 36-60 months after the plan confirmation.